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Image consultant & wardrobe stylist for men and women


A Sense of Style is based on the belief that our client's needs and privacy concerns
are of the utmost importance. A personal stylist and makeover expert is no longer a luxury reserved for the red carpet crowd. Like it or not, your personal appearance is a non-verbal message that speaks volumes about you -- when no words are being said.

So it's important for you to evaluate whether or not your message is aligned with your intentions. Therefore, maintaining a wardrobe that enhances the way you present yourself to the world can help you look your best, and more importantly, feel amazing.

Proper color, style, fit and good grooming are the secrets to a polished image. Wear the right style and colors and you come alive! Hence, we offer men and women of all skin tones/palettes and life styles a complete fashion and beauty makeover from head-to-toe.

As a trained stylist, Susan comes directly to your home or office, saving you valuable time. She can plan, assemble and coordinate your professional or casual wardrobe so that you are perfectly attired for any situation - business, casual, or social. As a wardrobe consultant well-versed in style, patterns and colors, Susan can assist you in selecting a wardrobe that will compliment your career/lifestyle and the best value at a price that is comfortable to you.

Through a range of services, Susan teaches you how to create an overall appearance so that you feel confident and comfortable about the image you want to project.

If you're ready to enhance your credibility by fine-tuning the message you send through your appearance, our style and image team is committed to meeting YOUR needs. 

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and make you look and feel confident.

Tasteful Style is timeless …


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