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Image consultant & wardrobe stylist for men and women

What is Image Consulting

A Sense of Style is dedicated to providing men and women with affordable, authentic and appropriate style solutions. Our team of experts is renowned in the fashion, beauty and medical/dental industry in order to provide services in complete makeovers, color assessing, wardrobe styling, fashion trend advice and make-up tips. We take your proper fit/measurements and teach you what works for your body type, skin tone, facial features, personality and lifestyle.

Moreover, our stylist can shop your closet, create and assemble new outfits; meanwhile, auditing your closet. We offer a variety of services including personal shopping, wardrobe analyzing, personal styling tips, hair/color and eye wear tips, grooming tips, head-to-toe makeovers for men and women, including custom tailoring. 

Image Consultants inspire people. In essence, they bring people to life! Image Consultants give their clients a new lease on life to recreate themselves. Each person’s visual identity is an impeccable representation of his/her skills, talents, vision and values in life. Image Consultants empower people. They give them the tools and assurance to sustain the positive transformation for themselves. Image Consultants give people the gift of self-confidence and self-esteem. Thereafter, client's go on to lead productive, happy lives, take on bigger challenges and become better professionals. More importantly, client's become better parents, spouses and life partners.

Your appearance directly affects your credibility, capabilities and the perception others have of you. Hence, appropriate colors, style and grooming will help you achieve personal and professional success. Your image speaks volumes before you even speak.
When you first meet someone, you only have seconds to present an impressive image. Therefore, it is imperative to have a convincing and credible appearance that best characterizes your individuality and personality.

Tasteful Style is timeless …


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