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  Five Collar Styles 

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Men's five collar styles

When purchasing a dress shirt, you need to consider your size first and foremost, collar style, (select appropriate style for your face and neck shape), construction and fabric.

If the first thing you do when you leave your job/office is loosen your collar button and pull down your tie -- your shirt collar doesn't fit. A study by Cornell University showed that 70 per cent of men wear their shirts too tight. You shouldn't experience, nor tolerate discomfort when wearing a shirt and tie.


Men's Tie knotts


Don't get choked up about it:

There are a couple of ways to avoid that choked-up feeling. First, put on one of your shirts and button the collar. If you cannot put your two middle fingers between the collar and your neck without touching, your collar is too small. Buy a half size larger

Sleeves that fit just right:
Getting the sleeve length right is important too. Usually, dress shirt sleeves are sized in ranges: 32/33, 34/35, etc. Ideally the end of the cuff should come ½ inch below the break in the wrist, i.e. where it bends. About ½ inch of cuff should extend beyond the end of the suit jacket cuff. To get your sleeve length, you will need some help. Using the tape, with your arm extended out to the side, have an accomplice take the measurement from the middle of your back, over your shoulder to your wrist.


Dress Pant Tips:

Men's gray double breasted suit by Banana Republic
  1. Hem your pants. Many men's dress pants come un-hemmed, so you'll need to have a tailor add a hem. Additionally, your tailor can add a break, which changes how the pants hit the top of your shoes.
  2. Get a perfect fit. A tailor can add a cuff, which you'll want if your pants have a pleated front. He or she can also bring up the crotch if it hangs too low and take in the waist. Men with athletic builds will want to buy pants that fit in the seat and have the waist taken in.

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