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Image consultant & wardrobe stylist for men and women


A Sense of Style can help you select and assemble a wardrobe for you, as an individual, based on your life style, physical body type and best color palette. We offer hair/color styling, grooming tips and medical/dental solutions for your facial features and skin tones based on your ethnic background.

In the comfort of your home or office, our stylist will discuss your lifestyle/career wardrobe needs and body shape, assess your current wardrobe while checking for wear/tear, fit and recommend alterations needed. She'll assemble new outfits combining current garments with subsequent key investment pieces and photograph each outfit created for future reference.

Shopping with/for men & women
Professional assistance for style challenged individuals including how to dress in age appropriate clothes, what styles and silhouettes work for YOUR body type and what  trends/colors to add and avoid. Moreover, tips on successfully shopping on your own – to promote confidence and self esteem.

Wardrobe Coordinating Session
Coaching you on how to coordinate your new pieces and integrate them with your existing wardrobe/colors. As an option, we offer a personalized "look-book" that
includes photos of newly assembled outfits and color swatches to use as a reference guide.

Styling for Professionals
Personal style consultation for wardrobe, hair, makeup, eye wear, etc... for people who run companies, were recently promoted or experiencing a career/relationship change. Additionally, wardrobe selection and management for busy professionals who need to look their best with minimum effort.

Closet Shopping
Shopping your closet, assembling a wardrobe that works for your life style, including accessorizing. Assessing what you need to get your wardrobe up to date and function for you; and advise on tailoring, donating or consigning items that no longer work for you.

Total Makeover
For those who want a complete new look – we offer our professional team of experts in hair, makeup, skin care, nail care, eye wear, dental, dermatology and other image related /personal care services.

Personal Wardrobe Shopping
All-inclusive shopping for men and woman's clothing, shoes and accessories.

Special Events Shopping
For interviews, reunions, special dates, holiday parties and business functions…including emergency troubleshooting for last minute invitations.

Travel Preparation
Shopping and wardrobe planning/packing for an important trip or vacation. Preparing easy to pack, versatile pieces that will work together effortlessly while your traveling.

Gift Certificates
Purchase a gift certificate for yourself or someone who wants or needs a style upgrade, fashion or beauty makeover. Or needs a personal shopper.They'll be so grateful!

All services, information and fees are subject to change anytime with out notice.



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