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  Five ways to wear a Blazer 

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Blazers create a professional look to give you that polished and expert persona. Beyond its usual purpose as office or business wear, there are many other possibilities. Aside from its traditional uses, consider mixing & matching it with other items in your closet. Be creative and imaginative in your outfit choices. Be different!

What to wear with a blazer is an easy task if you think style. Be a trend setter in what you wear. You can wear the traditional blazer outfit; or you can wear it in more trendy ways. Different ways of wearing your blazers are discussed below for your reference and appreciation:

  1. Wear tailored top & pants with your Blazer. For your product launch, business meeting, press conference or the like, you can’t go wrong wearing a blazer over tailored shirts/blouses and pants. For women, elegant jewelry can create a more sophisticated & softer look (such as pearl studs and a pearl necklace). For men, a tie and pocket square complimenting your shirt will make the outfit more professional or business-like.

  2. Wear business dresses with your Blazer. Your business dresses would look best with a matching blazer. There are paired blazer/dress sets available that you can purchase ready-made. You can also customize paired blazer sets to fit your specific requirements in fabric or materials, color or mix of colors and designs. Blazer sets for business use would normally be in neutral shades of brown, black, navy, gray and tan.

  3. Wear informal pieces with your Blazer. To look less severe or serious, you can wear tops and bottoms that are softer in material and more daring with colors. Some brighter blazer colors may be in cobalt blue, violet, pink, yellow and green. Wear them for more casual yet still elegant affairs as morning to lunch activities.

  4. Wear a sweater vest and jeans with your Blazer. For casual events, you can be smartly dressed in your blazer, brightly colored sweater vest and jeans. Wear this ensemble when socializing with friends or a casual date.

  5. Wear polo shirts and slacks or shorts with your Blazer. For sporty activities such as visiting your club, wear a blazer over a polo shirt and slacks. Look fashionable in your  leisure sports wear. Elegance and sophistication should not be limited to evening attire. It should be seen and experienced in your other desired outfits.

Don't overlook the double breasted blazer to wear over your many outfit choices. A blazer keeps you ready for possible events / dates requiring you to gussy it up. Bring a blazer to give you the confidence to succeed.  


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