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     {  Fashions from Desk-to-Dinner}


Desk-to-Dinner Wear       
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Black top, long rasbery cardigan & black & rasberry print skirt 
Carlisle collection: Mix it up; make every garment do double/triple duty. Have pieces
that are interchangeable and work well together, and can go from desk-to-dinner.
Black & turquiose two peice outfit, black platforms booties 

Select interchangeable pieces in black 'n white; or navy & white (navy/cream or black/cream).
Add pieces in turquoise, tango, tomato or red and mix up with go-to black or navy neutrals.
Women 40+ or full-figured, pay attention to skirt length. Best worn at or just below knees.
Mix 'n match classic navy & white. gorgeous crimson dress from desk-to-dinner


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